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Not only protects circuit but also protects people...
Release time:2017-02-07

Not only protectscircuit but also protects people!

--------BrightKing donated smoke detectors to local firedepartment


For building a saferliving environment for disadvantaged families, BrightKing is involved in a smokedetector installment project of the local fire department. With the alarm ofsmoke detector, people can have more time to escape at the beginning of thefire accident, hopefully, the number of injuries can be reduced.

From the start,BrightKing always provides the highest value in circuit protection components andsolutions for electronic products/devices and help them to have stableperformance. Except serving clients, BrightKing also wants to contribute to thesociety by serving and helping more people.

Involving in the charityproject is a great honor to BrightKing, hope every family can have a safe andbright future