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BrightKing is Everywhere ! Let’s meet a rising sta...
Release time:2017-01-21

The 42th TAITRONICS has been successfully closed in October,2016.  According to the host, there are over 530 exhibitors who taken 1050 booths to present the latest technology and products of their own which attracted more than 30,000 buyers / visitors from 80 countries.


This time, most visitors wore the lanyards with the logo of BrightKing, also the introductions of BrightKing were revealed on different exhibition reports or press release as a gesture of showing how much BrightKing valued Taiwan market and how important the circuit protection components can be.


Actually, circuit protection components are everywhere in our dailylife. For stabilizing the product performance, they are placed in many electronic products such as cars, home appliances, computers, cell phones, surveillance equipment, even airplanes! BrightKing is a reliable partner for many famous end product manufacturers.


For more than 16 years, BrightKing has 100% focused on circuit protection components and grew from a single-product supplier to a cutting-edgecompany which offers a full range of circuit protection components and solutions.


BrightKing provides TVS, MOV, ESD, GDT, SPG, PPTC and TSS. Bycombining these components, BrightKing delivers customized design that meets the safety requirements for many different applications.