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【Congratulations】Beam raising ceremony for Zhejian...
Release time:2018-04-28

With an approved sunny and fortune day on Chinese calendar, the beam raising ceremony for Zhejiang BestBright Electronics is happily held by our CEO, CFO and senior managers. Many friends are expecting to witness the important moment of BrightKing group.

In order to satisfy the increasing demands from our clients, Zhejiang BestBright Electronics is planned with larger space and well organized modern production lines.

BrightKing group has built/managed 4 different factories with many production lines in 18 years. With the support of our factories, BrightKing can always provide a better product/solution for our customers.

In 2014, we are proud to be listed in Taiwan stock market with the strong support of our customers and suppliers. BrightKing can’t go further and get stronger without YOU!