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We are Family! Let’s celebrate the first decade of...
Release time:2017-07-31

2007/7//23 is a special day for BrightKing Groupwith the officially set up of BBE which has the modern manufacturing line forproviding the best products and support.

A series of celebration has been conducted with joyand love.

Dedicate and Move on togetherEnvironmental beautification activities.

We actively conduct clean-upactivities for our neighborhood. The street was full of grass andgarbage which was not only a hygiene problem but also affected people whoworked or passes by.



  Despite the heat, we worked really hard

Beautiful environment brings Good feeling 

↓  Let’s celebrate with joy and sweat 

With your support and company, we overcame thechallenges together in the last decade.

For our next decade, our prospects will be evenbetter with our dedication and heart.

Here, we promise to do our best and 100% focus oncircuit protection components and make every member proud of BrightKing.