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【Exhilarating, Celebrating And Spreading】 Zhejiang...
Release time:2017-07-25

It is a lucky day for groundbreaking,

our new industry park ofZhejiang BestBright Electronics starts building!

Main leaders attended thestart building


10 years from the beginning of Guangdong BestBright since 2007,

And we’ve set up manyproducing lines for circuit protection components.

With sincere support from thesuperior customers and suppliers,

we have been listed on TWSE from2014.

Thanks again to every partners whois always by our side.

Main leaders attended the start building

ZhejiangBestBright Electronics Industry Park is regarded as a new era for BrightKing,For the brilliant future, let’s roll up our sleeves, devote to our clients and harvestthe success together.