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Celebration brings happiness! BrightKing celebrate...
Release time:2018-06-01

The month of May is not only the time to show your appreciation toward your mom, but also a remarkable month for BrightKing to embrace the 17th Birthday! From the very start in Shenzhen since 2001, BrightKing keeps growing and building better service network and products with the effort of everyone in BrightKing family.

BrightKing values every member as a part of our big family by holding Birthday party monthly, corporate tour yearly and providing physical examination to everyone who left hometown and choose to work with us. A cake, a wish is simple but sweet like home.

BrightKing appreciates everyone who is always here to support us no matter you are our members, suppliers and friends. BrightKing can’t go further without you, please keep moving on with us for the brighter future.