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Happy Youth Day at BrightKing
Release time:2018-05-04

4th May is the Youth Day in China, is anyone curious about which age group can enjoy this holiday? According to the regulation and definition of Chinese government, the “Youth Day” holiday is suitable for young people from 14-28 years old. That is to say, this year probably is the last “Youth Day” for some 90’s who turn to 28 years old this year!

In China, there’re around 300 million people between 14-28 years old who carry a higher expectation from the society can celebrate a wonderful half day off and enjoy the welcome and appreciation.

BrightKing was founded in 2001, turns to 18 this year, a “Youth”. In order to show the respect to Youth, BrightKing is holding a series of sports competitions to celebrate with employees in Dongguan factory.

Let’s take a glance at the Youth Day!











The end of this competition is only the end of this day, but a new starter of our story with glory. Our team spirit is the key factor to accomplish our goals and leads us to victory.